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CommUnity is here to help your organisation prosper as our sole purpose is to generate ongoing, untagged funding for Kiwi community groups. CommUnity is a sustainable platform designed from the ground up, right here in New Zealand to generate funding for those eligible groups in need of funding —at no cost or risk to you or your organisation.


It costs your Community Group… nothing!


Register your organisation as a CommUnity Group through our simple, one page registration tool. CommUnity Members can then choose to support you as one of their three nominated CommUnity Groups as part of their registration. Every time a CommUnity Member shops at a CommUnity Merchant, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the money spent—giving you a sustainable new ongoing revenue stream.


What does my group portal look like and what information can I view?


Below are some examples of a CommUnity Group dashboard (Web & App) once you have successfully registered and become an active CommUnity Group. There are some fantastic stats and vital information available to your group when logged into your secure group portal.


Some examples include – view the total funds raised by all CommUnity Members that have selected your group as one of their three groups to support, view up to top ten merchants by trading name supporting your group, see the total number of CommUnity Members who are supporting your group, view location and industry type of merchants supporting your group along with a breakdown of your group members showing age range, gender and location.


Your group portal becomes a powerful tool to manage and track funding that is generated by your members through making purchases at any of our CommUnity Merchants.


Group Dashboard Overview – Web Portal


Group Funds Raised – Web Portal


Group Dashboard – CommUnity App

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What people are saying about us

Sunny Nelson Real Fruit Ice Cream Josh

"I can see the vision of what CommUnity could be and I’m excited. A place where Kiwis back their neighbor to nourish their community.” – Josh, Sunny Nelson Real Fruit Ice Cream

The Incubator Creative Hub Simone Andersen and team

"The arts is often seen as a bit of an indulgence which we know is not true. It’s actually a massive necessity for wellness in society and personal wellness so we’re really excited that people get the opportunity to share some of their goodwill and see it distributed amongst the community," Simone Andersen, The Incubator Creative Hub

Hoppers Garden Bar Jessica and Brownyn Payne, Owners

“Living and working in a community, it’s been really important to find new and powerful ways to connect to our customers. Giving back to the community who support us everyday is really important to us and CommUnity allows us to do that in a really seamless way.” - Jessica and Brownyn Payne, Owners

Everlasting Anna Paterson – Founder / CEO

"We are so excited to be part of the CommUnity group. Through coming on board, it is going to allow us to do greater. Whether  this is by assisting women and families, in New Zealand, with finance or clothing - whatever the need, we love to give and the greater we can give the more impact we can have." - Anna Paterson – Founder / CEO, Everlasting

Fourviere New Zealand Michael Loretz, Fourviere NZ

“Together with CommUnity, local businesses and the families in our community, we can all take a confident stride towards heaven - right here, today!” - Michael Loretz, Director, Fourviere NZ

World Wildlife Fund NZ Livia Esterhazy, World Wildlife Fund

"We’re so excited to be on the CommUnity platform because it allows us to get on with our work and be part of communities and help them." - Livia Esterhazy, CEO, World Wildlife Fund

Ocean Beach Kiwi Surf Life Saving Club

As a group that relies on donations, Ocean Beach Kiwi Surf Life Saving Club is thrilled to have another platform to fundraise.

Rowing New Zealand Simon Peterson

"As a national sporting organisation we're constantly looking regionally and locally to support our members. CommUnity is a way of us supporting commercially, at a local level, and our volunteers, at a local level. For a national body to have that umbrella outlook is very exciting" said Rowing New Zealand's Simon Peterson.

Koha Apparel Phil Goff and Chlöe Swarbrick.

Providing clothing for New Zealanders doing it tough. In 2020 alone this not-for-profit kept close to 4,000 clothing items out of landfill by giving them a new life with those in need.

The Nest – Greymouth Tania Gibson - Grey District Mayor

"A way for businesses and community groups to fundraise in the new technology era. It will raise money for causes you care about while you shop. So watch this space, you will be hearing more about it in the coming months!" - Tania Gibson, Greg District Mayor.

Alpha Sports

“When we opened Alpha Sports we knew we wanted to give something back to local charities, community groups & organisations... for Alpha Sports, this was really important. CommUnity gives us the platform to be able to do that, and more. How could you say no to giving back to your local Community... the same people that support us every day? Let’s do this!” - Mike and Dean, Alpha Sports

New Zealand Alopecia

These incredible ladies are here to support people with Alopecia. NZ Alopecia is a place for Alopecia sufferers to learn more about their condition, to view new developments and to reach out and connect with others.

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